Does anyone seriously buy into this?

It goes against my fiancé's religious beliefs to have a needle poked through her to induce a pregnancy. She prefers doing it the way described in the bible..

In our relationship, we do nothing but help and support each other. I go out of my way every day to make sure her needs are much more than met, and she tends to do the same because of that. When there's a problem she or her friends can't solve, I usually find a solution, and vice versa.

I don't see sex as a way to oppress my fiancé, and never will. To me, sex is many things. It's an extremely special and sacred way to connect with someone you truly love and make a connection that's stronger than anything you could possibly imagine; an unbreakable bond. It's a gateway to true passion and loyalty. That being said, it seems like y'all's beliefs make it seem like such a bond, even after holy matrimony, puts my significant other on some sort of restraining leash. To me, I feel like metaphorically there could be a "leash," but that "leash" is also around my neck, and neither one of us have more of a pull than the other.

Anyways, I guess in a way you could describe me as a some new-age hippie type of person. My philosophy is "give everyone the benefit of the doubt," which I can also apply to the ladies in this sub. I know a lot of people might have a lot in mind to retort to what is said here, but my objective here instead is just to simply understand.

I know what you're probably thinking; something along the lines of "he's a male, he can't ever understand or be trusted." As a psychologist, I can understand how you see this to be true from your perspective in what you believe in, just as many people do with their passionate beliefs. Again, I want to further understand those beliefs, with questions like:

What made you realize you wanted a world like the one you desire?

What chain of events brought you to the previous question's conclusion?

What significant encounters have you had with men (pre-belief) that set you on your quest?

What do you specifically believe should be done?

For the last time (I know this sub usually bans men, so I'll take my leave here soon), I just want to know what evidence brought you all to your current mindsets. Not answers that can't be explained, one-liners, or statements without support.

I'm hoping that this conversation can be as constructive on both ends as I imagine.

Lastly, have a happy holidays.

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