how did guede get into the cottage? and why should he have spent time cleaning up after the murder?

The second and third crimes involved the police and prosecutor, but I don’t have time to go through that.

im interested in this perspective unironically

Guede broke in through a second floor window.

that window can be seen from the street and no one managed to break into the cottage carrying a rock as supposedly guede did ever, though

Once confronted, Guede raped and killed her, stole money from her purse and cell phones, locked the door and likely cleaned blood off himself in the second bathroom. Then he left, wound up at a bar to party, then left the country.

why spend time cleaning the hallway then?

Guede’s dna was all over the crime scene, including the purse. The guy should have been jailed for life.

so was sollecito's on meredith's bra clasp (not entailing guede is innocent in any way whatsoever)

The guy should have been jailed for life.

in italy you only get a full-fledged life sentence for mafia-related businesses, terrorism and the like

He might have been in the bathroom when she got home, and he avoided flushing to not get caught.

so he stayed there to clean off blood from himself and the pavement but just forgot to flush the toilet?

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