EA is flat from 2018. Yes, they had a miserable 2019 which they rebounded from. But 2020 was still no better than 2018. They also basically have nowhere else to expand to. Anyone who wants to buy an EA sports game already has, they've just got to convince existing players to buy the new yearly release.

Meanwhile, Roblox is in a parabolic upwards trajectory. Every year has been gaining on the last. Yes, growth will slow at some point and there's always the possibility of them having an off year - but there's also no reason to suggest that growth will stop for 2021. Their record bookings for 2020 will convert to revenue in 2021. And the stay-at-home / lockdown situation will continue throughout most of the summer and into winter for most of the world.

You can't make direct comparisons between EA and Roblox as they are completely different animals.

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