**[IC] Session recap**

Chastity Scotts: The objective seemed clear enough, we follow the coastline until we find other shipwrecked survivors.  Looking back we were fools to think it could be that easy, but that's what we did we followed the coastline.  We first saw the fishkin near an outcropping of rocks fishing, initially we decided diplomacy would be the best course of action.  After initial attempts at a peaceful resolution it became apparent that they were going to attack so we decided to take initiative.  Between the skilled strikings of Corvis and the bolt guided by Erathis himself the foes were either dispatched or fled in fear.  Between Fred and my medical knowledge we were able to dissect the fishkin and summarise it’s internals which is now public knowledge. **[[See the ongoing Paradise Vale Monster manual]]**  Afterwards we decided it would be advantageous to try to track an injured fishkin back to their tribe so see if they attacked and possibly captured more shipwrecked Valorians.  We tracked them back to a coastal village and with our early deductions decided to wait until night to lure them into a trap.  

Chastity shifts uncomfortably and clears her throat

This is where we were tested and I proved unworthy in my task. So we went under the guise of nightfall and decided to ambush them out of the main camp. But I guess they were hungry so as we set up this ambush they decided it was dinner time and began to round up shipwrecked survivors to eat. At the mere thought of this spurred us into action splitting the group to attack the camp from two sides, and we attacked first. This is where it spiraled out of control as Sadie and Corvis went around to kill the outliers Buff, Temps, Fred, and I started to pick off the outlying guards. We were shortly spotted and… she loses any semblance of composure she once had I failed to get to Buff in time and his soul was plucked right from his body, and then I ran. I didn’t look back until I reached Goodberry. As I collected people for the rescue mission you guys showed back up and I don’t know the rest of the story.

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