"Milk crate challenge" balanced, as it should be.

I know what you meant, a hyperflu with a hyper mortality rate...so yes...and very much and more so...no.

I don't care for your opinion on anything, as you seem to be a troll and uninformed.

You know I did this with tiny self made milk crates using a 3d printer right? You know this isn't anywhere near full scale right? Your opinon on this post is nonsense and unneeded.

Your concern is of no concern to me, it doesn't relate to this post, to this community or to the world overall as you are a simple person with simple understandings on the world overall...this isnt an insult, its all based on your profile and our interaction here. (Pssst, did you know you can buy milk crates online brand new not stolen? See how vastly misinformed your opinion is?)

You forget on simple thing...you dont know how they acquired the crates, you dont know if they are returned, you dont know if the ones used were already collected and stolen weeks/months/years before this challenge, so in other words you dont know anything... yet you spout as tho you do...dunning-kruger called, they picked you for the poster child of the effect. (That one was a passive aggressive statment) kick rocks, i have nothing more to day to you.

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