What Show Are You All Watching To Hate The Parents So Much?

Yea but that’s what I mean. They didn’t knock it at all. They tried to help him achieve his goal of being independent and tried to explain that he can’t rely on selling 20 cars a month, and how every business has ups and downs. I think that turned out to also be true with the auto market where new car sales then subsequently took a huge dip.

They just wanted him to be realistic about setting his budget and basing it on something like the base sales in case he has a bad month. I literally just watched the scene. They were doing their best to get that basic concept across to him but he was the typical teenager saying “I did this, not you” and getting really defensive. “I’m going to sell 20 cars a month all I have to do is work hard”, “I’ll be standing tall and then what”

They were trying to bring him down to reality a little.

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