When The Boys Talk about Jan. 6th, I Just Can’t

I’ll start by saying that The Bonfire is probably the thing in the world that makes me laugh the most. I couldn’t be a bigger fan. And I also realize it’s idiotic to fact check jokes and that any premise distorts and exaggerates to make it’s point and that the ultimate point is to be funny and not factual.

But the only time a joke doesn’t work is if the internal logic doesn’t hold together to get to the punchline. If the premise is “you ever notice how all women are purple?” then whatever the punchline is, I’m still confused by the setup. Now in this case, they were just going with the generic narrative most people are parroting so I get it. It just felt like DNC Mom humor. They were saying what I’ve heard 1,000 times before.

The funniest jokes are when people are pushing back against the status quo ideas or at least have a take thats surprising and so to the extent they weren’t, it was disappointing. If this was Tough Crowd in 2004, Colin Quinn and Nick DiPaolo would be pushing back on this and Patrice and Keith would be roasting them as racists. It just seems like this wasn’t that. It just took me out of it. I wasn’t offended.

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