Worst storylines?

What annoys me most is how Andy treated/s Robert after Robert begged Jack and Sarah to adopt him, what a way to repay your friend who brings you in his family, by trying to push him out and how he treated Robert before and after the Sarah reveal and then acts like Robert is the one in the wrong for hating him and acts like it's his family and not Robert's ugh who does he think he is. The whole Poor Andy is Evil Robert's victim is pure BS, all i see is Robert fighting back towards a entitled leech who tried to push him out. But we suppose to be on Andy side when Robert treats him like dirt, like Andy done nothing wrong ugh. All Andy ever done if throw everything back in Robert's face. When he does something wrong, he expects Robert to protect him, when Robert does something wrong he has to pay, their really is a double standards. Robert should tried kill Andy for Sarah and gone to police like Andy did when Robert killed Katie. Andy whines about Katie but doesn't seem care he killed Sarah. I just can't stand the hypocritical, entitled, ungrateful leech.

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