Anything new on the connection between All I Need and Kirk Franklin's Love Theory?

That analysis of Kirk Franklin's chord use just isn't accurate... it's the same basic chords, although JC throws in several substitutions in the turnaround. They're the same basic two chords though. That's not really up for debate. Both use the Gb to Bb, the minor flat six up to the tonic - the difference is that Kirk's uses a Bbsus that then resolves into a Bb7 while JC uses a BbM9 right away and then puts in the turnaround. Kirk's definitely sounds more trite because the sus allows you to infer that he's gonna use a Bbm instead of a BbM, and then the Bb7 just functions as his own turnaround. But the two chord professions are almost identical except for the sus element in Kirk's, which ends up getting resolved to resemble JC's more closely than any of your other examples.

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