are there safe mines?, or are they almost all scams?

I was advised to invest in Trust mining scheme by a friend who told me he's already been mining with them and has earned more than $600,000 from it. I gave it a thought and also put into consideration the fact that this is coming from a friend who has even tried it so I decided to give it a try. I invested $40,000 into it first and I was made to believe that I have earned $80,000 and I was asked to give them my blockchain wallet address to enable them pay me, I was overwhelmed with joy that day as I gave them my wallet address. I know what I'm about to say now sounds funny but it happened, they sent me screenshots of my balance on my blockchain and told me to invest more to enable me get access to withdraw my money, I really couldn't understand what they were driving at until I was asked to invest another $100,000 I refused but decided to invest another $70,000 and that makes a total of my hard earned $110,000. I started demanding they grant me the access they promised to enable me withdraw my money but I was asked to make another payment of $200,000 and I told them if they don't make the money available for withdrawal from their end as promised I would report them to my bank and the police. suddenly they stopped responding and replying to messages. I reported to the police and also got a private investigator to get on the job that was when I was told that Trustmining never existed anywhere and was only a scam. I felt bad, used and abused at the same time and my friend who introduced me to the scheme wasn't saying nothing about my predicament and seemed confused as well but I felt funny about him and wasn't convinced that he wasn't used to trick me into investing in the scheme, the private investigator I hired suggested I report my friend to the police as well. I know we're friends but it doesn't matter at this point so I got my friend arrested. Now he's been charged for breach of trust and conspiracy amongst others. The private investigator recommended SPEEDYFIXTECH to me. they are on virtually all platforms you can contact them via @Speedyfixtech on Instagram.

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