Coinbase wallet potential lawsuit information

It's all a scam I was a victim too..I traded with two brokers but they disappeared when I made a withdrawal request..One tried to convince me not to withdraw but invest more while the other allowed me withdraw a little amount but he did that iust to build my trust and after that he began to make large request..I lost a lot to both of them..I was depressed until I was referred to a community on reddit that was created to hire ethical hackers that could reclaim back stolen crypto.. was skeptical at first since I have been scammed already and didnt know what to believe anymore but I took the last leap of faith I had and hired them..To my greatest surprised they recovered my stolen crypto within a time frame of 5 they did it I can't tell but I was the happiest human in the world when I checked my wallet and saw my stolen crypto..if you need to reclaim your lost investment from your scam broker get through with them on Instagram @QUICKFIXTOOL.I am obligated to recommend them for the great service they rendered..they saved me from a lifetime depression as I had nothing to live for again all my asset gone.. know for sure there are thousands of people out there who has fallen a victim of this ongoing advance fee fraud…connect with them and have them reclaim your stolen crypto.

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