Anthony is likeable and has a good business

The only “pull” he has is when he is pulling a throbbing dick for $5 and a referral.

He has more DUIs than your average drunk uncle. And continues to act irresponsibly behind the wheel, endangering everyone around him. Due to his inability to control his addictive behavior he puts his entire business, customers, and employees at risk (what happens when he inevitability goes to jail for an extended period). The last investor he had booted him from the company and decided not to invest in the cali move.

He lies about everything and has yet to follow through in a single publicly announced commitment. He has went from sucking men off for money to whoring himself out for viewers like you.

If you find him entertaining, that says a lot about your character and moral standing.

In reality he is a 35 man without any serious relationship, a son he barely sees, zero friends, except the employees he pays, he was kicked out of his last company, the guy who brought him into the business has disowned him, continuously drinks to compensate for his lack of standing and inability to accept where he is in life at 35. Then he goes and drives drunk. He has been robbed and evicted twice in less than 6 months. The list goes on and on, the worst part is he refuses to accept responsibility for any of it. He refuses to see how his actions have real world consequences on everyone around him. He truly believes that each mistake is “learning” and says he would change a single thing if he did it again.

As a business owner and leader of people it is your responsibility to proactively identify potential risk and do everything in your power to mitigate that risk. Doing so will ensure you don’t have to start the entire business over from scratch 3 times in a 12 months.

He is a cheap con man who shouldn’t be responsible for handling anyone’s money. At the end of this story it will be his customers that lose everything and his employees who wasted their time.

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