Comin Through!

The car definitely could have veered left a bit but it didn’t look like they were grazing you or even affected your bikes mobility. It looks like it’s right at the 3 ft mark. But hey i could be wrong, you could only see so much in a video. Bikers in Los Angeles/Glendale area tend to have a bad reputation. There’s little respect for drivers on the road, hence the aggression towards bikers. And vice-versa. Just because you CAN ride in the middle of the lane, doesn’t mean you should. (doesn’t apply to this video) People need to be places, and bikers riding 10 MPH definitely cause unneeded traffic. & To the bikers that deliberately ride in the middle for the lane, you’re playing with fire. You KNOW glendale drivers are terrible drivers, yet you still put your life at risk to prove a point? Doesn’t make sense. Seems childish.

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