Tipping needs to end for good

My tipping mind set is as follows

  • if I’m somewhere like a coffee shop, fast food place, somewhere I’m just going in and out I won’t tip (like sorry subway I’m not tipping)
  • sit down restaurants I will tip the minimum amount but will tip more if the service was great
  • bars I will tip basically with each drink I’ll leave the change which is normally a dollar or two
  • I have tipped at to-go restaurants IF it’s somewhere I frequent often and want to support with a little extra each time I go

Tipping culture got super out of control when almost every fast food place put the feature on their debit machines… I don’t think tipping should be mandatory at all it should be something you do as an extra perk but overall I think tipping culture needs to go.

Inflation hits everyone but it hits lower income individuals the hardest. Let’s all be kind to one another.

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