I couldn't keep my shit together

1) I never in a million years thought I would make a reddit account, however after watching Interstellar, I had to find a way to cope with the raw emotion I was feeling. I went to Google and I found exactly what I was looking for.....this thread.

2) Tonight I was looking for a movie to cry to, especially given the circumstances occurring in my life now. I watched it late at night alone and in the dark. I am a male who is in his early 20's and basically a nice guy and a picies. Picies are known to be emotional. So it would be an understatement to tell you all that I broke down mentally and physically during this film.

3) I guess I can say that I have already been "Awoken" and that films like Interstellar, Inception, Lucy, and The Matrix, just to name a few, have really not only provided exceptional entertainment to pass the time, but have also really challenged my perception of the world, reality, time, space, etc.

4) To people who critique this film based on legitimcy need to chill, it's a movie for a reason. I myself am interested in quantam physics, sacred geometry, and well anything that isn't particularly considered normal or rational ideals. Ideas that challenge my own beliefs and considering the unconsiderable. However, with that said I don't want to seem like I'm a "fringe-like" believer of irrational pseudo science Haha. *plot twist: or is it rational? Perhaps we can't understand it now but maybe in the future we will.

5) As for the actual film itself: The pace initially was a bit awkward because Of how fast he actually left his family and next thing you know it, he was basically in gear already in space in the cockpit with the crew. That threw me off a bit tbh but I understand it is a 3 hour film and much editing had to happen in order to make it fit in a 3 hour flick.

When I first was seeing the film and saw that Matthew M. Was the main actor, I honestly didn't know what to expect. From seeing him in Lincoln Comercial to him being in South Park, parodied about the Lincoln commercial, I guess my perception of Matt was not taken seriuosly. I personally am a huge fan of South park btw.

My first "oh what the mcfuck" was when Mann deceived cooper. I got up and had I a huge wtf face. That point on in the movie is where it really took off for me.

I personally have no daughter, but I am a son and I have a loving mother who loves me for who I am, even though I have made her suffer. I am terrible and I feel so bad for arguing all the time. I recently got kicked out and the everyday grind is a struggle so far. I see the ending to this film and I see that time has gone by. This Movie Has Torn ME APart And Then some. I just imagine how my mom will die one day and I will grow older. After watching this film, I am finding the courage and strength to be able to beg my mom for forgiveness for all I have done and hopefully we can be okay once more.

The music in this film is very beautiful, for an excellent film like this one needs an excellent music composer, none other than Hanz Zimmerman himself. However, I have recently been obsessed with his song "time." I kinda wish that song was played in this movie because that song is so moving, powerful, emotional. Pretty much this film in a nutshell. I understand that he can't simply replay a song that was made for another movie and the ownership rights, etc. But I feel as though time in this movie is a theme unmistakably.This is why the song time would of complimented this movie elegantly.

P.s.- the real and only reason as to why I made a reddit was to comment on the music. I guess I got carried away. Lol enjoy if you like what you read, or tell me you hated it, it is up to you. Looking forward to posting in the future.

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