Dangers of CoinJoin?

I’ve posted this before on these threads but I’ll post it again.

Please post any actual evidence you have of Coinbase or any other exchange taking action (of any kind) on users for depositing coinjoin coins.

An example would be a letter from coinbase where an account has been frozen or something.

If you’ve been in BTC since 2014 you should be aware of disinformation and misinformation and how it is spread in these communities.

One of the r/monero links posted here is literally flagged by a moderator of that sub as likely inaccurate.

To be clear, I’m not making the argument that exchanges can’t use very basic chain forensics to see that a given coin has been ‘joined’ in the past. Of course they can even without fancy software.

That said, unless something is forcing them to flag (and freeze) this coin, why would they?

And what if joined coin is sent to a few other addys before it hits coinbase?

As a security researcher I have personally sent all types of mixed coin to various exchanges (some KYC and some not). I’ve sent Monero as well and I’ve not had a single account frozen.

I have yet to uncover a single case where coinbase has raised an issue with a user simply because they used coinjoin. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened and/or won’t happen, just that I haven’t seen it and until some actual evidence appears I will consider these posts misinformed at best.

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