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Hi, everyone! Please read the rules, and always be polite!

So, I plan to do some HA Giveaways once a week, to help those who don't have access to some HA pokemon :)

This is my first give away, so please don't be rude!

Pokemon Gender Nature Level Ability Moves IV Amount
Giglar F/M Careful 1 Immunity Poison Sting 5IV 10/10
Gible F/M Impish 1 Rough Skin Tackle 2IV-5IV 10/10

The Rules!

1. Deposit either an Zubat, Tentacool, Flabébé, Wingull, Whismur, Volbeat / Illumise, Roselia into the GTS
2. Set the GTS message to: "breederC" 
3. Ask for your desired Pokemon: comment the species and the gender. If you want to be specific about the IV, 

go to this link with my spreadsheet and check the subcodes and their respectives IV. 4. Make your request like this:

  • Request and/or code
  • Pokemon you deposited (gender, level)
  • IGN

    If your Pokemon gets sniped, I'll tell you and you'll have to reply on my comment

    You can request each one Pokemon, but post another comment.

    Before your request, check out the table/spreadsheet of Pokemon to see if the one you want is still available. I'll be updating it.

    Have fun! :D

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