I’m confused. Which one do I buy for my mini nova 4? what’s the difference?

They won’t let ya post like for those things in here it’s a reddit thing but, normally 1.2’sare better for MTL inhaling and salts but since is a 50/50 pg/vg blend I’d probably recommend either of the .8 coils. They’ll last longer than the 1.2’s since it’s a bit thicker of a juice. Really they’d both work though. Be sure to let your juice sit and wick for a while with 8’s though . Really the only difference is the 8’s have a higher wattage capacity and are for a bit thicker of juice and or will let you have a slightly looser draw . The 1.2’s are lower wattage and good for a tighter MTL type draw. There’s really not a noticeable difference between them though.

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