[N9NE] Recruiting?

IGN: Zayjio

Communication: I got skype, team speak 3, everything you need, I'm pretty chill, I don't like to rage tho ._.

Activiness: I'm pretty active, I play 4-6 hours a day because my mom wants me to study, weekends and holidays I can play 10-18 hours a day

Country: United States

Age: 14

Preview factions: I have played in HCF, PureHCF and ParaPots.

Base Bitcher and PvP: I don't like to work in base but If I'm in base I'm probably bulding, mining or working on pots, I use good mining techniques, lets talk about my pvp, it's so hard to hold myself in a 10v1, I'm probably gonna die If I didn't kite, but I can hold myself in a 3v1, my technique to it is: Try to take 1 hotbar max of each one and then run and hide in a block, about 1v1's I'm hard to die in it, I can do headtwich, circle strafe and "stimpy's strafe"

Why should we invite you: You guys should invite me to the team because I'm not an unmotivated player, I'm a player who never tired of a game, and not only that, I can do headtwich that scares enemies and I can also make a circle strafe, leaving defenseless enemies, surely I will be "jumped" but I can kite easily, I run to the faction or if I am away from my faction, I just do headtwich and run, talking about my uptime, I can play 4-6 hours a day, weekends and holidays I can play 10-18 hours a day, now I'm gonna talk about my communicate mode, I'm pretty normal, pretty chill, I don't rage or something like that, I only talk about games , not real life, or something, sure I'm not annoying, I can be kidding sometimes, about communication programs, it isn't a problem, because I use RaidCall, Skype and Team Speak 3, about audio quality, it isn't a problem too, because I'm getting a Razer Kraken Pro in my birthday (04/06)

Me pvping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufFL-Yp60OI (This video has bad synchronization because I published directly from Action)

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