New SCP 939 model?

Personally I’d prefer if northwoods really fleshed out his teleport ability - maybe give him the ability to “disappear” into the pocket dimension, giving you a temporary no clip ability with a cooldown that lets you speed ahead and pop up somewhere else. It could help capture the feel of 106 in CB and more lore accurate, where he’s constantly sliding out of walls to come after you as you’re running away.

I’d also love it if they expanded on his pocket dimension and added some kind of challenge mechanic that becomes progressively harder each time someone escapes. So then you have the best of both worlds - 106 isn’t stuck catching the same player over and over, but players can still strategize to get out.

Mechanically there’s so many interesting things you could do with 106, I’m honestly surprised northwood said that it’s a low priority SCP given his lacklustre state. Maybe I’m just salty they’re reworking dog for a third time before 106 gets one rework lol

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