Indiana Pizzeria Raises Over $160,000 After Receiving Criticism for Anti-Gay Comments

people will vote with their dollars and not go there like people have done with Chikfila

This never happened. The controversy helped their numbers.

And I personally don't have a problem with a privately owned business (public corporation is a bit different to me) doing things like not stocking a certain medication. That is their loss, I'll go elsewhere. As long as their is choice, this is a self-correcting problem in the long run.

This pizza parlor was ambushed. It was not like these folks were advertising "we hate gay people" or "we oppose gay marriage". They were asked a hypothetical question that is extremely unlikely to ever happen (they never catered any wedding before) and they were truthful in their response of "no, I cannot do that due to my religious beliefs but we'll still happily serve anyone who comes in the door!".

Give me a break. This is manufactured bullshit.

And I don't think you understand how family owned small businesses work. Their work is their life. There is no distinction between forcing a company to cater a gay wedding and forcing you as an individual who's career happens to be making pizza to catering a KKK rally. Try to put yourself in their shoes.

There is a huge difference in my mind in being actively hateful towards a group, and simply not providing your support. I think they are wrong and being pretty silly, but then again someone would think me as being wrong and silly for not lending my assistance/services for groups like MADD which I vehemently disagree with and oppose while most of society disagrees with me. If they came in the door of my small business, I would refuse them service outright. Not because I am discriminating against any individual, but because I strongly disagree for what they stand for.

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