A part of Islam I don't understand... (Please don't get mad)

Argh this is infuriating. People the Quran is (supposedly) the verbatim word of God, it was "written" by God. It makes no sense that war in the region at the time would "influence" God to make these violent statements. Do we really believe God in writing His eternal book, for all time, would be quarterbacking some battle that no one even remembers today? Men are violent and love war. Only men justify violence.

There was endless war and brutal violence in the time of Jesus too. Aaaand the Bible is a book written by men over a long period of time, with often contradictory accounts of JC - you can see the evolution of Jesus as a warrior to an intellectual philosopher over the period of few hundred years between gospels. There is no question that the image of Jesus was tailored to reach a certain audience, not to mention the gospels that were edited out of history.

The real question is this: Do not the violent passages of the Quran, as well as the passages that are downright boring and incomprehensible, its obsession with non-believers, indicate that there was some all-too-human "interpretation" going on, similar to the Bible? Because I don't have a problem with these passages at all - I have a problem with this blind belief that every single word in the Quran is a "magic book" (as my friends call it) and came straight from the mouth of God. If God wrote a book it would beyond our comprehension, it would be outside of time and place. I'm a (reform) muslim by the way, I just don't follow this part of the faith I think it's frankly ridiculous. I know this is a great apostasy - I really don't care.

People if God wrote a book it would not need any explanation or update or user manuel.

The Christian tradition is much more open to intellectual debate and philosophic interpretation because of this acknowledgment that the Bible was written by men, different men. It's a religious text, not a memo transcribed by Allah himself. Believe me this is the single greatest obstacle we have reconciling Islam with the modern world and educated people, and enlightened critical thinking.

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