Pune pips Mumbai as corruption capital

No shit. I know government employees who pay bribes just to get posted in Pune. As a government contractor myself, we have to pay huge bribes just to work. If we fall back on a hafta even for a month, the officials stop our payments and threaten us by sending letters saying they will blacklist us for substandard work. All this inspite of working for them for more than 15 years and doing better work than almost all our competitors. There have been times they have stopped our payments for more than 6 months and still expected us to work and pay salaries to all our employees throughout that period.

The reason we can't give 100% performance is because in certain slum areas our workers are threatened and not evem allowed to enter to do their job. They have to face dog bites, bee stings and snakes occasionally. None of which are even remotely part of the job description or what we get paid for.

What's worse is, there are certain journalists who will call us up every once in a while and threaten us by saying they are looking into the work done by our company and will be writing a article against us ad only when we offer them some money, do they back off and disappear for a few months, only to resurface some other time.

Welcome to India, where you pay people bribes just to do the work they are paid a salary for.

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