Still having an impossible time connecting Zionism, Britisn Israelism, and Jesuit's/Black Nobility. Please help explain!

Ok im going to be really polite about this, Veritas might disagree and he knows a bit more than i do: the rothschilds do not own any central banks. First of all the only central bank on earth that is not fully nationalized is the US Fed, second of all only commercial member banks like JP Morgan and Bank of New York Mellon can own shares. Jews make up only about 11% of all the world's billionaires and they make up about 35% of all US billionaires (this is not unusual for the following reasons: jews have been building wealth generationally for longer than whites, jews go into financial and proffessional fields at a higher rate than any group besides asians, jews have one of if not the highest rate of literacy out of all the world's ethnic groups historically). There has never been a Jewish Supreme Court Justice, there has never been a Jewish President or Secretary of Defense, there has only ever been one Jewish Secretary of State and he is the most hated cabinet member of all time besides Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice (Kissinger). There are no big Pharma (top 5) CEO's or Chairman who are Jewish, nearly ALL of the top 10 defense companies are not run by jews and virtually none of the Boards of the top Banks are run by jews or actually have Jewish chairman (Bank of America and JP Morgan do not). There is 0 evidence that JP Morgan was ever less wealthy than the Rothschilds or that he is "their man" this is again just rumors that people have spread for decades without critically examining them. There is no evidence suggesting the Rothschilds are the richest family on Earth. They lost a massive amount of wealth from the Nazis, the Oil crises and the stock market near crash of the 80's which destroyed one of their biggest firms. The richest families on Earth own the major funds that make up large mutual funds like Fidelity, Vanguard, Black Rock etc and are anonymous investors. They have people or investors from larger capital management groups like Barclays Wealth Management, Capital Group Companies Inc, State Street and FMR (virtually none of these firms are run by Jews, which is not a coincidence). Most CIA officers are not Jewish, most Intelligence officers in the military are not Jewish, in fact there is a conspicuous lack of Jews in American Intelligence compared to say the white house staff or the economics planning committees (where you find quite a few). Now does this mean that Zionism has no connection to the global power structure? Of course not, Zionism is an Anglo-American imperialist movement that seeks to push Masonic/Satanic values onto the world. The chief components of all Masonic governments are: allowing corporate capitalism to flourish, heavy emphasis on dog and pony show elections, complete disrespect for animals and the spiritual in favor of entertainment, hedonism and materialistic ventures like Hadron Colliders, Taco Bell burrito sandwiches and virtual reality headsets ("screw the planet, we're getting high on excitotoxins!").

Some of these Masonic agents set up groups, networks to manage policy for their governments. For instance the Club of Rome managed environmetal policy in the 80's and 90's, the Club of 1001 for the WWF is a syndicate of wealthy bankers and oligarchs who plan the gating off of the planet's wildlife reserves as well as limiting the carbon output of our nation. The Pilgrim's society is an elite Anglo-American heritage group whose members range from top banking executives to secretaries of state and financial magnates. You have the NSC which is the president's personal advisory council on matters of National Security and Intelligence (the current National Security Advisor is Anne Rice, condeleeza rice's sister). There's Catham house which is the official think tank of the royal crown of the UK, the IISS (International Institute for Strategic Studies) where tons of ex-diolomats, military officers and intelligence officials gather to decide policy for the country. You have the Highlands forum, a completely private consulting forum where top tech, defense and finance executives meet with DoD officials and spooks from the NSA to talk about intelligence and technology, google was created there (the guys behind it are old school Cold War WASP's, not Jews like the guys who supposedly invented google). You've got the DIA or Defense Intelligence Agency who oversees the entire corpus of intelligence operations in America (they tell the NSA and CIA what to do essentially) along with the DHS and JSOC (a wing of the DoD that specializes in covert military ops, specifically counter terrorism and espionage). There is now a clandestine services within the DIA, which is a new spy network that's running parallel with the CIA's already vaunted program. The DoD and CIA have been competing for control of the war on terror and the current mass surveillance of foreign leaders and economies.

Metaphysical: well i don't want to say too much, because then you won't know what to do with what i say. The reptile thing is bullshit, but its not wrong to say the people in charge aren't human. They're not, they are like us but they diverged from the species a very long time ago. They feed on us, our energy, our time and our attention. They are humans that prey on other human-like beings. We are their labor, their entertainment, their life's work and their food. They rely on us continuously praying to their thought-forms (their false gods, their idols) as well as honoring their rituals (paying taxes, voting etc) to remain powerful. They've withdrawn so far from society since the days of the Egyptians that at this point they could not do anything to stop us from ceasing to reify their grasp on the world. All we have to do is starve them and we win. How you want to go about that is up to you, everything i've said here i've deduced from logic, esoteric study and fact checking every claim i've seen in the conspiracy truth movement.

Final Note: things like Jewspiracy, the Rothschild's, the Annunaki, Flat Earth, Masons; these are all distractions or outright lies designed to trap us into self-destructive cycles. Obviously they are methods of tagging our minds with easily disprovable ideas which only we and are group believe which isolates us from greater society and of course makes us hate other groups of people. The Nazis were a device for infecting the German people with one of these thought viruses, the Catholic Church did the same with their hells and Devils, the Commies did the same with their class warfare. Its all bullshit, there is no substance to any of it, if you want to throw your life away fighting to install a racially clean government or a dictatorship of the proletariat or a theocracy for God then go ahead. But its exactly what these things want us to do, they feed off of our violence and our manic self-hatred. When you identify god as being sexually desirable, being wealthy, being powerful, getting to be "empowered", you've just committed the sin of idol worship which is what all of the ideologies spread by our government and religions are about. Tagging god, pidgeon holing god, destroying the innate thing and replacing it with an abstraction that constantly disintegrates. That's all i have for you, best of luck. Remember do not buy into bullshit, especially if it seems to point to attacking other people of different religions/ethnicities/political leanings its a trap, they are trying to make you a crusader.

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