The taboo around pushing?

I agree with this mentality if you're playing a ton of tennis and are in it to win games/increase your rating.

Pushers annoy me because I want to get a good rally going, get my blood pumping, smash my first serve and return fun serves.

I couldn't care less about the local bracket or whatever. I join them to diversify who I play with.

If you show up to play sets with me and you push, I'll crush balls at your feet on approach all game and try to never play with you again.

In 3 casual tournaments last year with probably 15 matches played, I played against junkbally pushers twice. They were both playing above their fitness/talent level and it's a waste of my time because tennis is just recreation for me.

It's a real problem because everyone wants to be 4.0 but a tooooon of people mark themselves 4.0 when they are 3.0. I highly prefer the 5.0's marking themselves 4.0 because I get a crazy workout and challenge.

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