882 words Robert Hardister’s face transformation all 9 times he was arrested from 2009 to 2017 149 words Women walk past people dying of starvation during Holodomor, a man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine in 1932 and 1933 882 words Adam Rainer was the only person in recorded history to have been both a dwarf and a giant in one lifetime 882 words An Argentine reporter, after her wallet was stolen by a fan in Qatar, stated: "The police asked me how I want to punish the offender and choose between imprisoning him for 5 years or deporting him from the country immediately." 120 words Lake Mead, Nevada - then and now 183 words A mall in Iran these days 883 words James Burrows took the actors to Las Vegas for a vacation before the series began filming. There he told the cast, “This is your last vacation before you become famous.” 882 words Irani and USA footballplayer give each other a hug after the game (1:0 USA) 146 words Cat Calls: Casual vs Hijab 213 words Omega predator 1,561 words The remains of Richard III, killed at the battle of Bosworth 1485, discovered beneath a parking lot. Leciester, England 2012. 122 words The evolution of our face, which took longer than 450 million years. 131 words Two years of hormone therapy and plastic surgeries for a sex change in 20 seconds. 298 words Two years of hormone therapy and plastic surgeries for a sex change in 20 seconds. 140 words Boy who is deaf hears parents voices for the first time 133 words what Ted Bundy,s head look like after electric chair 122 words US soldiers realising what they did in Iraq 201 words A map of nations when asked the question "Which country is the largest threat to world peace? (2013). Source: Worldwide Independent Network/Gallup International Association 133 words Damn 882 words This is an Anti Wolf Heck Collar. The purpose of the collar is to protect the dog wearing it when and if it has to fight wolves. The collar base protects the dog's throat and carotid arteries, while the spikes are intended to deter bites to the neck or even injure wolves trying to do so.