206 words Eli5 What’s the difference between declaring bankruptcy and just being broke? 271 words Eli5: How do music producers (Especially Hip Hop producers) sample a stem from a song without taking the rest of the song with it? 211 words ELI5: Why is a 12V battery in a car so dangerous to short circuit but a normal 12V battery is harmless? 202 words ELI5: How do our brains remember things? 149 words ELI5 Why do we feel pain and how does our body know when to stop feeling it? 130 words ELI5: How are you able to go to bed super hungry, but wake up the next morning and not feel the need to eat anything? 121 words ELI5: where is the ringing noise coming from with tinnitus?? can’t google because it thinks im asking how people get tinnitus… 123 words Eli5 - Why do shows like American Idol and The Voice have such a low rate of producing/finding people who can be a commercial success? 118 words ELI5: What are "deductibles" in the context of medical insurance? If you're paying insurance, why do you still get charged an often large part of your medical expenses when you have an accident? 215 words ELI5 is looking for new moderators! 188 words ELI5 How do alligators & crocs, too I suppose, swim underwater in sandy, marshy water and not react to sand getting in their eyes? 267 words eli5: In the days of muskets, why did armies March straight towards each others fire? 194 words ELI5: Why do certain countries have ridiculous amount of hydrocarbons(oil and natural gas) and the countries right next to them have virtually none? 159 words Eli5: what exactly is a virus and are viruses alive? 135 words ELI5: How does a variable-yield nuclear weapon work to allow the operator to control the strength of the explosion? 128 words ELI5: Why does it feel warmer to walk barefoot over wooden floors than to walk over ceramic tiles even if both are side-by-side in the same room? 173 words ELI5 Why ice/compress/elevate immediately when it’s fighting the body’s repair mechanisms? 179 words ELI5: Why did the Dilbert guy turn racist? 121 words ELI5: Why and how does earthquakes happen 229 words Eli5 How are carpool lanes supposed to help traffic? It seems like having another lane open to everyone would make things better?