#1671 - Bret Weinstein & Dr. Pierre Kory

Yes, he is right wing, because that’s all the media and social media he consumes. He rants about Joe Biden’s ‘dementia’ where the only negative thing he said about Trump in four years was that ‘he’s hilarious’.

When he talks about ‘woke liberals’ - WHO GIVES A FUCK? LA sucks and Texas is great? Trannies shouldn’t be able to race? Covid is overblown? Comics are the real victims of society? We get it - it’s the same thing every episode for years and it’s just boring.

This reminds me of the bit from Seinfeld, with Tim Whatley. ‘I’m not offended as a Jew, I’m offended as a comedian’.

Joe Rogan is turning into Howard Stern. They had amazing cutting edge shows and then sold out and are just completely boring and repetitive.

I don’t care that he went right, I’d have the same problem if he went left and became a CNN junkie trashing trump like Seth Meyers every day.

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