Are 2022 Tacoma's worth it?

I do appraisals for work, so drive vehicles all kinds of cars on a daily basis. Even in just the realm of midsized trucks, there is the Tacoma, Colorado/Canyon, Frontier, Gladiator, and Ranger. I’ve driven them all quite a bit and driven many of each.

There’s a reason I own a Tacoma,

Today alone I drove a 2017 TRD Sport with 74k miles back to back with a Canyon with 6k miles and guess which one had harsh shifting and a loud ass squeaking from the rear window slider ever time you go over a bump? Not the Tacoma.

Proper engineering and the fact that the Tacoma has that old and simple feel to it are why they sell so many and why they last so damn long. I certainly think they are worth it.

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