Back again with a big album...i[f] you can handle it

I've been reddit 'following' you off and on for at least 4 years now. i've lost count of the number of reddit names I've had since then - some good, some absolutely terrible, and all me (I'm liking pervy_gent so far, though). I've also lost count of the number of hardons I've had that you induced. (shocker, i know... but not the two in the pink kind, unless you ask me nicely)

Anyway, and to be blunt (but not 420 style - dayjob doesn't allow it), I'd give my soul and literal right nut for a woman 1/4 as attractive and clever as you. You are a Goddess and National Treasure (just don't let drumf see your pics - he's creepy)

And don't feel bad for my right nut. That guy's a pain. Wouldn't miss him at all.

So... If you're ever in SoCal... wink wink nudge nudge PM me ;-)

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