Can gaming's great women characters be written by men?

This is a confused mess of an article.

This was clearly written by a guy because some of the women subscribe in some way to a view I have of what is a stereotype of a certain demographic, this is bad characterization unless the main character's arc takes them in the direction I want it to go.

Ugh. He seems to have this stupid notion that good characters can't have bad traits. Maybe the main character is judgmental? In fact that's pretty darn normal, and the idea that you can't feature such a common trait without also having the appropriate Saturday morning cartoon lesson seems silly to me. Especially when you are railing against clichés.

Let's see, what else:

[Game director expresses that an empathic and good writer can write for characters that are unlike himself]

From my own experience, I find this view problematic. Yes, writers are required to create convincing characters who are different from themselves. But in video games, writers have tended towards idealized versions of themselves. I take this as a sign of limited ability and of limited ambition, driven by the concerns of marketing.

This is only barely related to the preceding point! And if one believes that this is bad writing then obviously that's countered by the fact that the director said that it requires a GOOD writer. In fact, this argument makes absolutely no sense within the framework of an article where it's claimed that you can tell the writer is male because he uses some famous clichés about high school teenage girls who are all quite different. Unless of course you assume that the writer sees himself as a high school girl.


The game begins in a moment of extreme peril for Caulfield. I might be going too far here, but I find it interesting that she is presented, not merely in trouble, but endangered by that most erect of phallic structures: a lighthouse. Make of that what you will.


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