Weak men had it just as bad as women in ancient/industrial times

Can you not talk unless you have links to studies and cases? I have my memory of my world history college class if you doubt me so much look up how Babylonian women lived. Because if they were oppressed then they also mooched off of their oppressors. They also had rights even back then. That was the first civilization with a “constitution” per sey

And yes you can have some accomplishments while being oppressed but you can’t have THAT MANY. There are elements of oppression but it’s not the whole story and it’s messed up to reduce it to that and simultaneously be like “look at the NUMEROUS things we’ve done, but it’s also a sob story” do we celebrate the culture of black people while they were slaves? No because they weren’t allowed to have culture. What we celebrate now has its roots in Africa. Women did there part in the world. They played the role that worked at that time. The Spartans throwing there 7 yr old male children to the wolves because they weren’t big enough while all women had a chance and helped at home, did business for their warring husbands, and could own their own property was apparently oppression towards women

Like it doesn’t matter what I say what actually occurred in history or not.. you don’t want sources.. if that were the case you would look up what I’m saying because it’s basically a source- something that can be verified with a simple google search. Learn about the complex roles women have had and prove to me your own sexism by reducing it to slavery and oppression

To this thought exercise.. what are my options? What time do I live in? Because believe it or not: if all cultures across all walks of life had some sort of system where men and women played different roles.. then that probably means that they had different roles to play based off of the times, the lack or surplus of resources, etc. For example Abraham and Jews at that time would take many wives, leaving alot of men with none. The men that would get these women had land, strength, and resources

That’s just one example from my primitive-lack of sources- brain not to mention Sparta and Babylon, these are ANCIENT societies, please google because if it bothers you so much I can’t indefinitely prove it, I can just point you to info

When it comes to fat acceptance and oppression and bullying and armpit hair and all this stuff it really makes me think these feminists would immediately kill themselves as a man. Oh wait the suicide rate is 4x higher in men so maybe I’m not wrong

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