I can't live with facial asymmetry anymore.

Looking at your other posts i think it’s better you approach this both physically & mentally. Body dysmorphia can stick with you even if you start looking more symmetrical or “good looking”. Also try practicing correct symmetrical mewing & good body posture/stretching/core strengthening, mayofunctional therapy may benefit you too if you’re willing to pay. I know this’s the last thing you want to hear, but life isn’t solely about appearances. Just try to better yourself & move on.

Just saw a post of gorgeous girl earlier (about her mewing progress), she’s asymmetrical but gorgeous & is working on it. Took me 2 years of dedication to alleviate my asymmetry due to a 20 yo accident. I’m in no way completely symmetrical now but i’m proud of myself for putting the effort & seeing results over the years.

start working on yourself on all levels is what i can advise you.

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