Cherry Hill NJ?

There's Carnival Books on 130, Red Barn on 73, Gemini News on 38, and Gemini Books on 42... The Red barn on 130 is really hit or miss and usually old guys, same with Gemini Books on 42 its hit or miss. Carnival is usually packed and you can easily tell by the parking lot....

Home Depot in Mt. Laurel & Cherry Hill can be good. Lowes in Mt. Laurel by the Moorestown Mall seems super cruisy. I've had a lot of hot ass contractors and guys check me out at the lowes but never did anything there. The cherry hill mall can be really cruisy. JC Penny bathroom second floor, Macy's bathroom in the basement. Bathroom over by the Abercrombie and the Bathrooms over by the Williams Sonoma. I heard the cooper river park used to be good, back by the rail road tracks but the cops killed it. I've been tryna find some new spots. What ones do you know of?

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