Why is this sub so biased? SK Slavia's fan perspective

What is that point of view though? How does any of that bear any relevance to the racism incident? Whataboutery about random incidents that happened in the match, or an alleged assault on your player doesn't make what your player allegedly did any less bad, nor does it make the banner made by your fans better.

All I can say is, about the supposed assault, is that if I were black and someone called me a 'fucking monkey' to my face I would probably smack them as well.

As for people bombarding your fan pages, I don't agree with it but when your club + fans deal with the whole situation by lying about the incident and police reports and making racist banners what do you expect? This is the internet, this shit happens to everyone not just Slavia. Kamara has also received many racist messages and death threats on his social medias too

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