Christy Harrison on Netflix's (un)Well!

I saw it and was surprised/happy to see her make an appearance! I thought it was kinda funny(?) thought because I follow both Christy and ihartericka on Instagram and she kinda ripped into Christy in her stories while watching this episode of un(well). Ericka said something like "WTF is intuitive eating?" "White people think if you put intrinsic in front of anything that it has value..." To be fair though, intuitive eating is widely discussed in the ED world. If you're unsure of what it is and not well versed in this industry, then perhaps it's best to 'stay in your lane', for lack of a better word.

That doesn't mean the documentary or even her segment doesn't hold rightful criticism, but I do think that Christys spot was helpful and necessary for debunking fasting and any perceived health benefits it carries. Also kinda funny because Christy follows Ericka and has reposted her content before, especially during the George Floyd protests, so I wonder if she's staying quiet right now on social media because she saw Erickas stories.

I personally think Christy has done a good amount of work infusing anti-racism into her work though... so like, let's use our energy to critique people who are actually causing harm. I rolled my eyes a little bit at Ericka's IG stories lol.

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