Is the claim that Mangalore will be underwater by 2050 true?

Lemme give you an analogy how these claims work:

a Student has been barely passing each year in his studies, so now when he is in 6th standard, an uncle claims that when he is 25 years old he will be working as a peon......

Or the other way round: a student has been topping his class every year, and now when he topped his 6th or7th std, an uncle claims that he will be CEO of a fortune 500 by the time he is 40

Got my point? We don't know when can that 'failure' turn around his attitude and if that topper is a classic case of priming too soon. There are just too many factors to be able to predict that far.

Does anyone know what all inventions will happen in next 10 years or 20 years? It doesn't even take a big research team now a days. Due to access to all kinds of top research information even school students come up with amazing inventions. Didn't some high school student make a contraption which could clean plastic waste from oceans more effectively than any method known till then.

So yeah as critical as climate change is, which it is. These claims of things happening 2 or 3 decades down the line are nothing more than extrapolation and predictions based on today's information, and also environment is such a complex system that it is almost impossible to predict things such far ahead because we do not know how and in what way what can affect what.

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