The cover for this box set is amazing

Yes. It could be deemed offensive in both places. I’ve seen less be deemed as such before.
But I’m done with this. If you need to hear the words you win cool. You win. I don’t care about this. At all. I made my initial comment, flippantly, 15 hours ago, as more of a joke about something inside a show I not only have no problem with, but laugh out loud about when I see it.
It was quite tongue in cheek very much in line with the state of things in this country right now. And if you think there isn’t a notion in play about cruelty and mistreatment of minorities daily in the US you’re not paying attention.
All I meant was that some might not see it that way. It wasn’t an indictment as to whether they should or not. I was just surprised at their choice of cover art.
Now I’m really done. Reply away all you like but I won’t be reading it.

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