DAE Think the male body is disgusting?

You must be trolling lol. I literally can't believe that you actually think that. You would rather enable someone who is showing extreme signs of sexism and tell them that they are okay and in the right? You think being polite to someone is more important than being truthful? Fucking unbelievable. I have never been treated politely on this app or any social media so idk where you are coming from here with the idea that being polite is more important than pointing out obvious sexism (which I believe to be a mental disorder). If the sex's were reversed here and someone was saying these things about women you would have 10 thousand people screaming and telling this person they are a misogynistic pig. I suggest this person seek help for their problem and I'm in the wrong? How exactly is telling someone they have a problem more rude than enabling people to be sexist? I'm dumbfounded bro, honestly if I wasn't so heated right now id be laughing my ass off at you.

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