Day 6 of Challenge Arena Season Two- Summoner League is over! How'd you do? (aim for 210k+)

I already said it is unpopular but it's hard to actually say any of that is even remotely true.

If double points are not in effect, but players and tiers are getting the same amount of points as when double points were in effect, how can double points matter to the "hard work" of weekly players? It appears to me it legitimately did help some of the few insane people putting it all on the weekend.

The truth of the matter in my opinion is it is either one of two things.

  • There is a hard value that Gumi sets as the threshold for week 1 and 2 of a given season. But that feels like crazy conspiracy talk.

  • Or we naturally just "somehow" head towards the same exact values regardless of point effects.

Anyone who didn't make it, didn't put in the time regardless. Look at the amazing cakesxd. I don't have it recorded how many points he did for season 1, but from the values that can be determined, this meant he didn't even hit 170k points by Saturday (with double points). But this week? No double points, and he's smacking almost everyone on here with 308k points.

I don't even have to pick on Cakes, we got other examples.

User and Tier Season 1 Season 2
bnbros Tier 9(242k) Tier 9 (261k)
zerou69 Tier 7(275k?) Tier 7(261k)
billySEEDDecade Tier 14 Tier 13(183k)

Now you'll have to forgive me for not pointing out every single example between this thread and last thread, but if you find someone that goes against this trend, feel free to point it out.

As it stands though, it seems to me double points didn't really mean anything for the "true" top 1030 people because one way or another 1030 people still did exactly enough to make the tier 15 floor of the 6th day be equal to approximately 168k points.

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