1000s of Aborted Seal Pups Mysteriously Wash Ashore the Namibian Coast

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdV1cnIgL_A&feature=emb_logo - check it out seal hunt in namibia by africans, This is what Namibia has been hiding, even the namibia government supports seal hunting

it's not just china, many fisherman from all countries are depleting sealife, example india, africans, the poorer the country the fishermen are from the more they will exploit and take advantage in order to make money and survive etc also because of lack of regulation/laws/policing of that country, you also have illegal vietnamese and indonesian fishing boats

from a simple google search and youtube search

seal hunt namibia - just search that up

"Seal culling in Namibia is a contentious issue, with animal rights groups opposing the practice as brutal, but the government supporting it and claiming the seal population may damage the fishing industry which is strategic to the Namibian economy. Seal harvesting in Namibia targets 86,000 seal pups and 6,000 adult bulls. This seal harvest takes place in three places namely, Cape Cross, Wolf Bay and Atlas Bay. "

"As I understand it, seal hunting is still allowed in Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, and Canada (apologies if I’m missing a country here). I’ve seen a few threads on AH about seal hunting, but I hadn’t found much information regarding what opportunities exist internationally for nonresidents of these countries (i.e. US citizens). "

you also have nigeria with a population of 200 million, you can expect illegal fishing as well Indonesia has a population of 200 million, and the country is also poor so you can expect illegal fishing as well, you also have india and china

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