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Shinbou, Akiyuki pt 2

Hidamari Sketch, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Maria†Holic, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, ef: A Tale of Memories, Nisekoi

Hidamari Sketch


One of Shinbou's more respectable commodities is the ability to see trends, and transition his stories to be commercially viable, while working with pieces he can enjoy. In these times it was the age of Moe, slightly before the age ending K-On. Paniponi Dash! came out with his attempts at making a parody of the genre, followed by Hidamari to more fall in line with expectation.

The episodic setting, music choices, and easy "round" nature of the characters all build into the most relaxing feeling produced. It is hard to find something more moe, in all it's various meanings, than this show.

A credit to Shinbou for finding material that he could use to deliver such peaceful enjoyment. Even his "art house" style fits, giving us a tiny glimpse of what art students might picture in their every day life.

Evaluation: A peaceful, calm pond of moe-ness that might not be the best of the genre, but encapsulates what the genre aims to do perfectly.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

MAL Trailer

Shinbou had tried parody series before this, but here is where it all comes together. A perfect layer of comedy, parody, in-joke, and easter egg gems. Zetsubou is considered by many to be the starting point of Shaft, and Shinbou's, rise to fame.

Following a suicidal teacher who helps others, the story feels very similar to the Monogatari series. Much less fan service, and a bit more dedication to it's comedic timings. In the same way Hidamari Sketch was the epitome of moe-ness, Zetsubou manages to capture exactly what you want in a slice of life parody.

Evaluation: The same great comedy, parody, and well written dialog of Bakemonogatari without the fan service, or atleast less of it. For those of you railing against Bake, give this a try.

Maria†Holic MAL

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