Disco Elysium WiP

• [Can smash Confessor Statues, large figures carved from stone, with his sword]() • [Can smash metal statues with his sword]() • * [Can break metal locks on pirate ships]()

• Companillero To The Sons Of The Aurora- [Summons seven cherubs to fly at enemies and pelt them with blasts of magic energy]() • Cante Jondo Of The Three Sisters- [Releases a deafening roar that that destroys most enemies after a few seconds](). The roar is [loud enough to rupture organs and shatter bones](). • Debla of the Lights- [Conjures a huge column of light, damaging enemies around and above the Penitent One]() • Lorquiana- [Blasts a barrage of fiery lightning bolts to damage faraway enemies]() • Romance To The Crimson Mist- [Produces clouds of blood from the Penitent One's skin that linger in the air and damaging enemies who touch them]() • Saeta Dolorosa- [Allows the Penitent One to heal a small amount of health for every sword strike that hits an enemy]() • Seguiriya To Your Eyes Like Stars- [Increases the speed at which he swings his holy sword temporarily]() • Solea Of Excommunication- [Increases the damage dealt with the holy sword temporarily]() • Taranto To My Sister- [Calls down lightning bolts to strike the Penitent One's position, then spread outwards]() • Tiento To Your Thorned Hairs- [Summons a benevolent spirit to protect from all damage while active]() • Verdiales Of The Forsaken Hamlet- [Sends explosive energy outwards on either side, rolling along the floor, walls or ceiling at a set range]() • Zambra Of The Resplendant Crown- [Causes more Tears of Atonement, a form of currency, to drop from felled enemies]() • Zarabanda Of The Safe Haven- [Creates a pair of rotating shields, blocking projectiles and damaging enemies]() • Aubade of the Nameless Guardian- [Summons a giant, skeletal ghost to follow the Penitent One, swinging their giant sword in tandem]() • Catina of the Blue Rose- [A gift from Miriam of the Bloodstained universe. An echo of her power slams the ground and produces a wave of stained glass, cutting enemies and leaving them open to an Execution move](). • Tirana of the Celestial Bastion- [Generates a barrier of electricity, shocking any enemy who attempts to pass]() • Mirabras of the Return to Port- [Teleports him back to the last Prie Dieu he knelt at]()

Playthrough by Tselel Lab on YouTube

Part 1 • 0:52, [Removes Mea Culpa from the chest of a stone statue, cracking the stone by pulling on the sword's hilt]() • 2:36, billiary flasks • 3:19, or [move under low openings]() • 4:25, [Fills his helmet with the blood of a fallen enemy]() • 8:38, [Can parry strikes and counter with a stronger overhead slash, referred to as a Retribution strike]() • 8:45, [Decapitates the enemy with their own wooden wheel]() • 11:15, [Can perform a sliding dodge to evade enemy attacks]() • 12:59, Hamlet prayer • 16:56, [Can destroy certain walls]() • 19:37, [Jumps on the enemy's shield, crushing them entirely under his weight]() • 21:05, [Can knock down dead trees]()

Part 2 • 0:22, [Grabs the enemies longarm to stab them, then stomps on their head until it's broken]() • 0:35, [Holds the opponents head in one hand, then hacks at their neck with his sword, decapitating them in three strikes]() • 4:08, [Can reveal hidden walls with his sword]() • 9:29 screenshot, [Flasks are filled with blood]() • 14:16, 32:42, [A blessed linen cloth that can read the dreams, thoughts and sins of others, including dead bodies]() • 17:50, 18:45, blood perpetuated in sand • 43:17, [With the wall climbing technique, the Penitent One can scale surfaces by plunging his sword hilt-deep into wood](), other materials here •

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