[DISCUSSION] if the super ultimate mega chance cube were a thing, what would some of the outcomes be?

You get a message along the lines of "You have made a grave mistake", everyone instantly dies. Everyone respawns, but no one has more than 5 hearts no matter how much they eat. Then once you get to a certain number of mod achievements (meaning your really far along, and have spent hours playing) a random player will blow up like a super creeper, then get kicked from the game, and when they try to log back in they get an error message to the effect of "connection error" and cant log back in. Basically, once the goal is met, Lindsey explodes and gets kicked, 2 min later Jack blows up and gets kicked, 3 min later Matt goes boom then kicked, ect. The only person that's not random, is the person that broke the cube, they're last. They get a message specific to them that uses the name from their account sign up (not their user name). Once they get kicked everyone can log in again, but all deaths are accompanied with a small explosion.

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