The mad lads did it...DHD Hot Dogs is open for business

DHD Hot Dogs: Menu

1: Ramsey Special (Chicago styled with Cool ranch extra salt) 2: Jack’s Dog (Chili, onions, cheese, condiments, and a lego-shaped bun.) 3: Jones 1/2: (Dog with McD sauce, hellapenos and Rage Quit sauce) 4: Brexit Buns Milkshake: (HD milkshake with a bun in it) 5: The Vagabond: (Diet Coke infused bun and weiner) 6: Rimmy Bites (Pigs in a Blanket with Hap Hap sauce) 7: Myatt Special (Fried Chili Dog 3/4 with a Doughnut HD bun) 8: Trev Crev: Sweet Honey buns with seasme seeds 9: Jones 1/4: (Similar to Jones 1/2 but with BBQ sauce instead of McD) 10: Salt Dog (HD with alfredo sauce and extra salt) 11: Not My Problem; See Ya: (Kids HD with a side of moonball and Nova fries) 12: RayDog (Hellapeno infused Bun and Dog)

All meals come with snaxs and Floor Loco mug (except #11)

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