Does anyone has issues with CoD WZ yestarday, activision banned my account for no reason

I love cod/vanguard and warzone and have sank a ton of money into the PC for years. But i had a parallel account i started on xbox a year or so ago. I read you could synch the accounts up so that you could progress the same battlepass on both systems. After a lot of time and effort and support tickets (that were unanswered), also having to buy vanguard more times than i wanted to, i got it sorted. Then my account was banned with no warning or email, i appealed it and they say that im permanently banned for 'unauthorized software and manipulation of game data' - which is news to me. I only have the blizzard client and ive never used any cheats in my life.

In such cases Activision need to tell people precisely what caused them to come to this decision. If its happening to me it must be happening to many other people - there could be a fault with their detection mechanisms that is generating a false positive. Is it a base line change in behaviour because i was messing about with accounts and associated phone numbers to try and link the xbox to pc?

Im really dissapointed that my account is dead as i love the game but Im also extremely angry because of the nonsencial way this is implemented. Essentially I also see this as theft on the part of Activision.

They need to either clarify precisely what triggered the decision, or un-ban the account or reimburse me for every cosmetic and battlepass ive ever purchased.

I see no point in investing in any other product in the future as there is a risk that you can lose everything you purchased without warning or justification.

If anyone knows any 'better call saul' type hungry lawyers who can smell a class action let me know,,

''i posted that in the modernwarfare reddit and it got taken down by the moderators as soon as i submitted it = they got this sewn up, they are just stealing as far as im concerned and the game is still full of hackers so they cant even nail the real bad guys.

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