Don't want to start a fight, just appreciating some great showsLoK

I would have liked if he was a chi-blocker with spirit powers and the spirits really gave him the ability to remove bending , unfortunately he doesn’t have water bending but he still knows bloodbending and chi blocking, Yakone trained him to become the avatar nemesis despite he didn’t have waterbending because they thought that he could have obtained water bending by fusing with a spirit , Yakone was a “super bloodbender” and Amon’s brother isn’t as strong as Yakone , so there are still “super bloodbenders” but they don’t use their ability or they keep doing it secretly because they would be arrested due to Katara’s law, they just become criminals of the triads or unnaturally strong healers or any other job that they want to do.

The fire bending was “good” but became “evil” during the war and the blood bending has been used to do evil things but now its purpose changed somehow, there could still be evil blood benders like there were good fire benders like Jeong Jeong or Iroh but their ending is left to the imagination.

This is like a fanfiction, Yakone didn’t know chi blocking in the series and the first season was fine but I would have also liked if things went in this way.

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