For those that have accepted that Joe Budden is a goofy and has proven to not be solid in business or friendship Do/can you still enjoy the JBP fully knowing Joes lack of morality as a man ?

I mean shit I wanted to see who I was talking to so I clicked on your profile you can’t fault a man for trying to see things from another persons perspective. And you don’t have to wonder if about it I scrutinize the answer is no, however I am particular in what I prefer to consume and I analyze what I do choose to consume rather than just saying “it’s not that deep” shit in life it is that deep. You can disagree with me but yes I can use somebody’s stance on a fallout of any kind. When shit hits the fan you see see how people move and if I don’t respect a persons actions in response to a fallout then obviously it would be apparent that my values do not align with that persons values.

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