a friend of a friend posted this on instagram. im dying laughing that people are this dense

I dont see the comedy in this? How is have prejudice towards those who are our neighbors and having negative preconceived notions towards those of “opposition” funny? We have failed as Americans, as a country, to stand eye to eye and hand in hand with one another regardless of race, religion, political views, whatever it may be. The media is all but helping our indifferences as well. Everyones heads are in the clouds on this pipe dream of being better than others whether it may be going to BLM protests, Trump rallies, etc. We all act out not out of selflessness but for clout and for some sort of validation and acceptance. This whole country is a disgrace and everyone in this country should be ashamed of themselves for how they’ve carried themselves especially this last election. The election system is completely flawed, and can you blame anyone for believing so? 4 days after election day and we’re still counting votes! This is absolutely absurd! And the fact people find some sort of normality in this all is even more ridiculous. The election should have been counted and announced no later that the 4th. This is all complete chaos and a pissing contest of trying to be the smarter person, the right person, and the better person. Everyone here is at fault. End of story.

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