Games-Workshop and Marvel are creating a Warhammer comics!

If I wanted to read Marvel comics, I would buy Marvel comics.

I enjoy the Warhammer universe specifically because it is *not* Marvel. I don't like Marvel or Disney. I don't want their influence warping Warhammer, which they inevitably will do.

In a similar vein, I don't like Warcraft. One of my biggest gripes with the WHFB to AoS jump has been the 'Warcraftization' of the universe. It's more mainstream and more appealing to a wider audience, which I do not like.

Getting more people interested in the lore and story would lead more people to getting into the table top hobby. More people invested in the hobby is a good thing, no?

Literally no. More people = more mainstream = more distant from what the hobby originally was.

I do not want Warhammer Star Wars, thank you very much.

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